Pursuant to article 13 of Law June 30, 2003 no. 196, Studio legale associato Burchia, Eccher & Eheim declares that all personal data will be processed in compliance with the basic rights and freedom as well as with the dignity of the party concerned, with specific reference to confidentiality, personal identity and right of protection of personal data. The personal data are treated by Studio legale associato Burchia, Eccher & Eheim.

Should the law be amended and should new regulations be introduced in the personal data protection code, Studio legale associato Burchia, Eccher & Eheim reserves the right to amend or supplement, in its own discretion, these privacy regulations.

Purpose of the treatment of data:

Sending of data

If necessary, the clients’ personal data will be sent, for the purposes referred to above:

Rights of the party concerned

Article 7 of the personal data protection code grants to the party concerned the power to exercise certain rights; in particular, the right to know which are the personal data held, as well as the right to be confirmed of the existence or non-existence of any of its personal data, whether entered or not yet entered, and the right to receive in a comprehensible manner more details on said data, their origin, the purpose of their treatment, as well as details on the holder, on the treatment operators and on the person or the categories of persons who may receive such personal data. The party concerned is entitled to receive any and all updating, control, adjustment or supplementation of data, to be informed of the cancellation, the transformation into an anonym status or the discontinuance of data processed in violation of the applicable laws. The party concerned has also the right to object, in whole or in part and on the basis of lawful grounds, to the treatment of its personal data, to ask for their cancellation, discontinuance or transformation into an anonymous status, and to raise objections, also in the absence of lawful grounds, should its data be used for commercial purposes or for advertising purposes or for direct sales or market and opinion researches.

The above rights may be claimed by the party concerned or its nominee by written request to be sent to Attorney Wolfgang Burchia (Studio legale associato Burchia, Eccher & Eheim, Via della Rena 3/I, 39100 Bolzano) by registered letter or by e-mail to info@lex.bz.it.